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ALAI Czech Republic represents the Czech national group of the international learned society devoted to the study of author’s rights Association Littéraire et Artistique Internationale (The International Literary and Artistic Association) associating authors, artists and professionals interested in the law of copyright with the seat in Paris.

ALAI was established in 1878 with the task to achieve basic international harmonization of the author’s rights which was accomplished by the adoption of the Berne Convention in 1886 prepared in cooperation with ALAI. Until today, questions of the international law of copyright and international exchange of cultural goods belong to the main interests of this international organization. ALAI is permanent observer at the World Intellectual Property Organization, has consultative status at the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and cooperates with the European Commission.

It should be mentioned that the Czechoslovak national group of ALAI was established already in 1926 in connection with the ALAI congress in Warsaw and a following meeting of participants in Prague. The activities of the Czechoslovak group were connected with the names of prominent copyright scholars (such as Jan Löwenbach, Karel Hermann-Otavský), theatre critics (prof. Václav Tille, Hanuš Jelínek) and other personalities from the field of copyright law and culture. It was dissolved by the order of the government in the time of German occupation in 1939 when some representatives of the Czechoslovak ALAI were forced into exile. Czech national group, established in 2013 by a group of younger copyright lawyers with the intention to establish a platform for meetings of the professional community, proudly follows the legacy of the Czechoslovak group.

Among the members of the Czech group are academics, scholars, attorneys, in-house counsels, judges, civil servants and other members of the professional public with an interest in the author’s rights. The main activities of ALAI Czech Republic include research and education, in particular organization of seminars usually opened to the public. ALAI Czech Republic cooperates with the prominent educational institutions in the field of copyright at the Masaryk University and the Palacký University Olomouc (Intellectual Property Research Group at the Department of Civil Law and the Law of Civil Procedure). Czech national group participates also on the international activities of ALAI, in the executive committee and on the ALAI congresses.

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