Kraftwerk, Hip-Hop, Prince & Warhol: European vs. US Approches to Sound Sampling and Appropriation Art


ALAI Germany is glad to offer to all members of other national ALAI groups the free participation in our online conference (this time in English) together with the Copyright Society of the USA, „Kraftwerk, Hip-Hop, Prince & Warhol: European vs. US Approches to Sound Sampling and Appropriation Art“ on Thursday, 10 March 2022, 18 to 19:30 h CET (online via zoom).

The program will basically deal with the question, whether and to what extent a work or sound recording or parts thereof may be used, in a modified version or in a new work/sound recording of a third party without a license, or, where the delimitation between adaptation and creating an independent work lies. In particular, we will discuss the famous case (which lasted extremely long, resulted in many judgements in Germany and before the ECJ and is still pending) Metall auf Metall/ Kraftwerk v Pelham (and we will have the lawyer of a member of Kraftwerk as a speaker!) and the famous, recent US case on appropriation art, Andy Warhol v Goldsmith. Please see more information here: .

Please note that registration is needed through the same, just mentioned link. As an ALAI member, you may participate free of charge; for this purpose, you must, before checking out from the registration, on the second registration page under payment information, under „Promo code“, fill in the Code: ALAI22 – after checking out, you will see the zoom link for the meeting and related information on the site (which you may copy, just in case).

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